Sl. No.

Title of the approved project Investigator / Program Director
W1 Implementation issues of existing NAP guidelines at Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Prof. Prashant Jadhav
W2 Implementation Issues of Existing NAP guidelines at Madhya Prof. Prashant Jadhav
W3 Workshop on Climate Change and Forestry  
Training Programme
T1 Training need assessment under its jurisdiction for all levels of trainees, preparing curriculum and training material  
Research Study
RS1 Climate Variability and its impact on non-Timber forest products (NTFPS): A Case study of Baiga and Gond Tribes of Central India

Dr. Manish Mishra
Prof. H.S. Gupta

RS2 A Study of communication and Leadership practices including Gender Participation in FDAS of MP / Orissa

Dr. Balkrishna Upadhyay
Dr. Parul Rishi

RS3 Developing monitoring system for forest degradation in Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh

Dr. MD Omprakash,
Prof. HS Gupta

RS4 Exploring the possibilities of CDM Afforestation / Reforestation Projects in Ratlam (MP)

Dr. Bhaskar Sinha
Capt. Anil Khare

RS5 Documentation and assessment of village forest communities based on Criteria and Indicator for Sustainable forest Management in Chindwara (MP)

Dr. Bhaskar Sinha
Capt. Anil Khare

RS6 Impact of afforestation on production and consumption pattern of fuelwood in Madhya Pradesh: A future trend (Sample studies of 50 villages based on Agro Climatic Zones)

Dr. SP Singh
Dr. Prashant Jadhav
Ms. Asha Khanna

RS7 Developing an operational model for eco-tourism based livelihood for the forest communities Dr. AK Bhattacharya
RS8 Impact of NTFP collection and some recent regulation in selected wildlife areas of MP

Dr. Advait Edgaonkar
Dr. HS Gupta

Awareness Raising
AR1 Celebration of World Forestry Day on 21st March 2011 in Madhya Pradesh Dr. H.S. Gupta
AR2 Celebration of World Forestry Day on 21st March 2011 in Orissa Dr. H.S. Gupta
AR3 Celebration of Wetland Day in Chhattisgarh / Orissa Dr. U.K. Sharma
AR4 Catch the Young’s for Environment in Rural Areas Jhabua District of M.P.

Dr. SP Singh
Mr. DK Hota

FDA Evaluation
D1 Developing a manual on forest certification for foresters of India for Afforestation Activities Dr. HS Gupta
D2 Analyzing Regulatory Regime Governing Tree and Green Cover in Urban Areas Dr. HS Gupta

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