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The Indian Institute of Forest Management is a sectoral management institute, which constantly endeavors to evolve knowledge useful for the managers in the area of Forest, Environment and Natural Resources Management and allied sectors. It disseminates such knowledge in ways that promote its application by individuals and organizations.

IIFM has been established with the following objectives :

  • Provide training in management and related subjects for persons from the Indian Forest Service, Forest Departments, Forest Development Corporation and Forest related industries with a view to equip them to practice the art and profession of management of forestry development.
  • Inculcate an appreciation in those selected for training, that conservation is of overriding importance in the management of living natural resources and that the primary role of forests is the vital ecological and environmental purpose they serve.
  • Select and prepare outstanding and talented young persons for careers leading to management responsibility in forestry and the forest-related system.
  • Meet the need of Indian forestry and forest-related industry and commerce in respect of upto-date information on forestry management through research, consulting and publication.
  • Assist, institute and carry out research in matters concerning the use of management and allied techniques and methods conducive to the development of forestry in the country.
  • Institute awards, scholarships, fellowships, prizes and medals in accordance with the rules and bye-laws.
  • Create patronships, affiliations & other classes of professional or honorary membership or office, as the society may consider necessary.



"To Provide Leadership in Professional Forestry Management Aimed at Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development of Ecosystems"

Why IIFM ?


The students, the faculty, the courses, the field visits and the lush green campus all play a part to form the dynamic culture of IIFM. IIFM gives independence to students to run various committees and cells. The culture of IIFM builds in the students, an ability to view the business world from all perspectives – be it economic or environmental, be it profit or people. It drives the students in pursuit of knowledge and inculcates leadership and teamwork in them.


The excellent mix of highly qualified faculty and up-todate course content ensures that IIFM graduates are well prepared to face any challenge posed by today’s business, environmental, development and conservation scenarios. The permanent faculty student ratio is an impressive 1:5 with 35 permanent faculty members catering to 9 expert areas.


Each batch is selected through an extremely stringent selection process, consisting of several filters to get the best minds in the country. The present batch has been selected from a pool of top scorers in CAT who further appeared for rigorous screening rounds of group discussions and personal interviews.


IIFM believes in the importance of giving its students extensive practical exposure alongside invaluable academic inputs to ensure their holistic development. This ensures a perfect mix of business acumen and academic intellect. Such exposure is provided by means of Summer Internship, field visits, industry visits, guest lectures, and live projects. A ten-week compulsory Summer Internship provides an opportunity for students to apply academic knowledge to real time management problems. A 21-day-long field trip in first year and 15-day-long field trip in second year are conducted during the programme to provide hands-on ground experience. Guest lectures provide students with a chance to interact with representatives of the corporate world and learn about the latest management practices. The Summer Internship and Placements 2015 like always, have received tremendous support from the Industry. The National event “COALES CENCE“, the guest lectures, frequent interactions with alumni and other industry experts have attracted participation from various companies like WWF, TERI, ITC, Ernst and Young, IL & FS, Citibank and others.

What Students Say?

“IIFM has been the foundation on which I have built my career and an everlasting bond and some great friends. The environs of the institute provided the solitude and companionship- at the same time- to learn, play and work in teams. The exposure that 18 months at the institute provided has guided me and helped me with my work over the last 19 years. It continues to be a space that I would like to go back to.”

Jayesh Bhatia (PFM 1994)
Jayesh Bhatia (PFM 1994) NR Management Consultants India Private Limited

“IIFM has been an enriching and engrossing two years for me. The experienced faculty, well designed curriculum, unique pedagogy , familial culture and a great learning environment at IIFM were the ingredients of a strong foundation for a management career .”

Neelima Mishra (PFM 2013)
Neelima Mishra (PFM 2013) Odisha Livelihoods Mission

“My work in TERI involves planning, implementation and assessment of projects on intermingling themes of human development and clean energy. Like most other IIFM graduates, I am required to play polychrome roles of project manager, extension worker and researcher simultaneously. I have found that the eclectic academic courses I studied at IIFM, and the assorted practical experience I gained at the institute have singularly contributed to both ideation and implementation of my work as a development researcher. “

S. Arun (PFM 2012)
S. Arun (PFM 2012) TERI

“A decade after my class graduated from IIFM, I look back and feel that the most important attributes we gained from those two years were ‘humility’ and ‘adaptability’. IIFM opened up a different side of the world to us and at a very early stage in our career we learnt (and in various instances, experienced firsthand), the impact of social and environmental issues on communities and their habitats. The extensive field experience and the niche focus of the curriculum were instrumental in preparing us in diverse ways for the responsibilities and opportunities ahead.”

Shikha Kalra (PFM 2003)
Shikha Kalra (PFM 2003) Rabobank International, London


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Our students are privileged to work with reputed organizations like these,who are our recruiting partners- for campus placement, summer internships and further- as our students' careers progress.