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You can get in touch with IIFM at the following address and phones.
Institute Address and Phones and Fax
Indian Institute of Forest Management
Po Box 357, Nehru Nagar
Bhopal MP , 462003, India
Phone (Director): +91-755-2775998
Phones (Common PBX ):+91-755-2775716, 2773799, 2766603, 2761731, 2775703
Fax : +91-755-2772878
For information on specific subjects you can write to the following at the Institute's address .
For any other information , please address your letters and mail to the Director.
General Information,Consultancy,Research Projects,Networking
Dr. Pankaj Srivastava
Director IIFM
email : director@iifm.ac.in
Prof. C. S. Rathore
email : dean@iifm.ac.in
Administrative Matters
Shri D. P. Singh
Chief Administrative Officer
email : cao@iifm.ac.in
Admission to PGDFM 
Prof. Yogesh Dubey      
Chairperson PGDFM Admissions
email : yogesh@iifm.ac.in     
M.Phil (Admission & Curriculum)
Prof. Parul Rishi
Chairperson M.Phil (Admission & Curriculum)
email : parul@iifm.ac.in
PGDFM Curriculum
Prof. Ashuthosh Verma
Chairperson PGDFM Curriculum
email : ashutosh@iifm.ac.in
Prof. Suprava Patnaik
Chairperson FPM & Ph.D (FRIDU) (Admissions & Curriculum)
email : spatnaik@iifm.ac.in
Management Development Programmes
Prof. Sandeep Tambe 
Chairperson MDP
email : stambe@iifm.ac.in
Brand Value Enhancement & Public Relations
Prof. Sharadindu Pandey
Chairperson Brand Value Enhancement & Public Relations
email: spandey@iifm.ac.in
Students Affairs and Alumni Liaison Cell
Prof. Advait Edgaonkar
Chairperson, SAAC
email : advaite@iifm.ac.in

Placement & Summer Internship
Prof. U. K. Sarma
Chairperson Placement and SI
email: ujjal@iifm.ac.in

Field Work
Prof. Sandeep Tambe
Chairperson Field Work
email : stambe@iifm.ac.in
Consultancy Services
Prof. B. K. Upadhyay
Chairperson, Consultancy Services
email : bkupadhyay@iifm.ac.in
Printing, Publications & Learning Resources Development Cell
Prof. Anup Upadhyay
Chairperson, Printing, Publications & Learning Resources Development Cell
Research Advisory and Review Committee
Prof. Jayashree Dubey
Chairperson, Research Advisory and Review Committee
email : jayashree@iifm.ac.in
Library Management & Advisory
Prof. B. K. Upadhyay
Chairperson, Library Management & Advisory
email : bkupadhyay@iifm.ac.in   
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development
Prof. Amitabh Pandey
Chairperson, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development
email : apandey@iifm.ac.in
International Collaboration Cell
Prof. Madhu Verma
Chairperson, International Collaboration
email: mverma@iifm.ac.in
Central Disciplinary Cell
Prof. C. S. Rathore
Chairman, Central Disciplinary Cell
email : csr@iifm.ac.in