S.No. Name of the Project Sponsored by Investigators
1 Indigenous Knowledge System in Natural Resource Management: A Case Study on the Limboos of Sikkim and Darjeeling District of West Bengal. IIFM Debashis Debnath (PI)
2 A Psychosocial Study Of Risk Perceptions, Distress And Coping Strategies In Cyclone Affected Districts Of Odisha. IIFM Parul Rishi (PI)
3 An Interaction of Household Waste with Municipal Solid Waste: Study of open Dumpsites in Delhi. IIFM MD Omprakash (PI)
4 Assessment of energy status and opportunities for use of alternate energy sources in Forest Villages of Madhya Pradesh: Enabling a paradigm shift in Carbon Balance MP Clean Development Mechanism Agency, EPCO, Govt. of MP, Bhopal Bhaskar Sinha, PI
G A Kinhal

M D Omprakash
5 A Teaching Film on Anola Production, Cultivation and People Participation for MFP Federation: Documentary Film and NTFP Factsheets for Madhya Pradesh MP MFP Federation Amitabh Pandey, PI
KN Krishnakumar
6 A Monitoring & Evaluation in the state of Odisha with random sampling of three FDAs having forest cover >5% of geographical area.. Odisha Forest Department Manish Mishra, PI
7 National Level Monitoring of Rural Development of Kota District of Rajasthan State Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India Sharadindu Pandey (NLM)
Manoj Kumar Singh (NLM)
8 High Conservation Value Forests: an instrument for effective forest fiscal federalism in India The Fourteenth Finance Commission of India, Ministry of Finance, GOI. Madhu Verma, PI
1 Forests, Livelihoods and Sustainability: Effects of Various Forest Tenurial Regimes in Madhya Pradesh IIFM G. Ananda Vadivelu, PI
Sandeep Tambe
Ujjal Kumar Sarma
2 A Dynamics of Climate Change Vulnerability in Sikkim. IIFM Jigyasa Bisaria, PI
Sandeep Tambe
Bhaskar Sinha
3 Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Impact Assessment of the Plantation During Rainy Season in the Financial Year 2013-14 To 2015-16 in Different Forest Development Authorities by the MP State Forest Department Agency Madhya Pradesh Forest Department D. Debnath, PI
K.N. Krishnakumar,

Arvind Bijalwan,
Madhur Raj Jain ,
Manish Mishra
4 Impact of MGNREGA on Agriculture and Livelihood Vulnerability Reduction: A Study in Four States in India National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR), Hyderabad D. Debnath, (PI)
5 Granular Computing Models for Multi-Dimensional Sequential Pattern Mining DST, New Delhi Jigyasa Bisaria, PI
6 Developing Evaluation and Monitoring Framework for E6nhancing Adaptive Capacity through Climate Smart Villages of Madhya Pradesh EPCO, Bhopal Jigyasa Bisaria(PI)
Bhaskar Sinha
7 Facilitation for Forest Certification (FM, CoC & Use of Logo) for South Seoni Forest Division Plantations Madhya Pradesh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam, Bhopal. Manmohan Yadav, PI
Dharmendra Dugaya
8 Production of Teaching Cum Documentary Film On Lac Production, Cultivation And People Participation In Madhya Pradesh MPMFP Federation Suprava Patnaik, PI
Ashish David
9 Production of Documentary film on Honey in Madhya Pradesh MPMFP Federation Suprava Patnaik
Ashish David
10 A Teaching Film on Ber (Ziziphus mauritiana) Production, Cultivation and People Participation for MFP Federation: Documentary Film and NTFP Factsheets for Madhya Pradesh. MP MFP Federation Amitabh Pandey

KN Krishnakumar
11 Green Accounting Of Forest Resources, Framework For Other Natural Resources, Index For Sustainable Environmental Performance For Uttarakhand State Of India & Capacity Building On Environmental Statistics And Green Accounting Uttarakhand Department of Planning, India Madhu Verma, PI
12 Community Livelihood Promotion through Assessment of Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration Potential in Agroforestry Systems along altitude and aspects of Western Himalaya, India with special reference to combating Climate Change International Papers (IP) Arvind Bijalwan (PI)
K. N. Krishnakumar
Anup Prakash Upadhyay
13 Demographic and Ecological Studies of Vultures in Madhya Pradesh MP Biodiversity Board K.K. Jha, PI
14 Behavioural Adaptation with Climate Change in Himalayan Region Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India Parul Rishi, PI
Amitabh Pandey
B.K. Upadhyay,