S.No. Name of the Project Sponsored by Investigators
1 Alternative Energy Sources in Forest Villages of MP MPCDM Agency, Bhopal Bhaskar Sinha
2 Exploring factors that contribute to happiness and its relationship with NRM related activities in Madhya Pradesh IIFM B.K.Upadhyay
3 A Psycho-social Study on Natural Calamities of Cyclone affected District of Odisha IIFM Parul Rishi
4 Case study on Indigenous knowledge system in NRM Limbus, West Bengal IIFM D.Debnath
1 Compilation for chapter for the document for operationalization of REDD+ in India MoEF- GOI Bhaskar Sinha
2 Study on preparation of cost benefit analysis norms for forest division MoEF Madhu Verma
3 Climate change and community adaptation in tribal communities of Satpura Eco-region of Madhya Pradesh Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi D. Debnath
4 High conservation value forests: an instrument for effective forest fiscal federalism in India 14th Finance Commission India Madhu Verma
5 Short Term Study to Estimate Population of Nilgai in Chatarpur Forest Division, MP Chatarpur Forest Division, MP Yogesh Dubey
Advait Edgoankar
6 Preparation of Vulture Atlas in M.P. M.P.State Biodiversity Board, Bhopal K.K.Jha
7 Granular Computing Techniques for Multi-dimensional Sequential Pattern Mining DST Jigyasa Bisaria
8 Research Study on green accounting of forest resources, frame work for other natural resources, Index for sustainable environmental performance for Uttarakhand State & capacity building on environmental statistics and green accounting Directorate of Economics Statistics, Uttarakhand Madhu Verma
9 MPFD sponsored project on “Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Impact Assessment of FDA Plantation during the Financial Year 2013-14 to 2015-16 MP Forest Department, Bhopal D. Debnath
Arvind Bijalwan
Madhu Raj Jain
Manish Mishra
10 Interaction of household waste with municipal solid waste: Study of open dumpsites in Delhi IIFM M.D.Omprakash
11 “Dynamics of Climate Change vulnerability in Sikkim” IIFM Jigyasa Bisaria
Sandeep Tambe
Bhaskar Sinha
12 Forests, Livelihoods and Sustainability: Effects of Various Forest Tenurial Regimes in Madhya Pradesh IIFM Ananda Vadivelu
Sandeep Tambe