Stalwarts Of Sustainability

As PGDSM aspirant one should reckon jargons viz. Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability and Circular Economy which was not so popular a couple of decade ago in India. But fortunately awareness outnumbered ignorance and more and more consumers are taking up conscious shopping buying products after knowing the story behind its production.

You are about to read about !0 most influential sustainable organisations in India that are on the herculean task of balancing their development with minimal impact on Mama Earth negatively and putting their heads together for sustainable survival.

NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats Pvt. Ltd. : Kerala, Kochi

NavAlt’s designs boats and ferries combining advancements in Electric Vehicle technology, marine design, and Photovoltaics so that they run on solar energy. NavAlt envisions a more efficient water transport system which doesn’t use fossil fuels.

Avani : Kumaon, Uttarakhand

Avani is a community built on the principles of sustainability and local empowerment. A global network of diverse employees, interns and volunteers give life to Avani’s community-centric rural development programs. Avani creates opportunities for rural women and men to find viable employment through a self-sufficient and environmentally sustainable supply chain.

Replenish Earth: Global

Replenish is a worldwide movement to give back more than we take from planet earth. Replenish supports and facilitates sustainable, social businesses and invests towards a green, circular economy. Replenish Earth is the philosophy of living in harmony with nature; it is a cause and a collective action to protect the global commons – the natural resources we all share. The Replenish economy is founded on the principles of the World Replenish Index, a market place which transcends and includes GDP to 100% compostable products conscious of our environmental impact.

GreenObazaar: Gujarat

Delivers the wholesomeness of an organic, eco-friendly bazaar to your doorstep, at your convenience. They help you choose a healthy life and more importantly bring you a wide range of certified organically grown foods and eco-friendly products right to your home; away from the uncertainty of chemically grown, genetically modified food and products.

Daily Dump: Karnataka

DAILY DUMP is a design led company where they use design to help imagine alternative scenarios that can help change behaviour. Their objective is to reduce waste, improve material recovery, enable better livelihoods and to do this through the voluntary collective action of urban citizens.

Aadhan: Delhi NCR

Aadhan is a social enterprise trying to create an impact in the recycled infrastructure space, by recycling old shipping containers into eco-friendly, mobile infrastructure. They design buildings that can be sent to any location in the country. These structures are made from shipping containers retired from their tenure at sea, and other environmentally friendly materials, emphasizing a culture of sustainability.

Aspartika Biotech: Bangalore

The major focus of the company is the utilization of locally generated waste and by-products of agro-industries and palm oil industries and to develop value-added products like omega-3 fatty acids for human and animal application and feed additives for aqua, poultry cattle and swine.

The company acknowledges the support and encouragement received from Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC-GoI) under the Biotechnology Industry Partnership programme (BIPP) scheme for the scaling up of the PoC developed through the BIG project.

Oorja Energy Engineering: Hyderabad

Oorja is a Cleantech Heating & Cooling company focused on providing sustainable solutions for industrial and commercial heating & cooling. Their vision is born out of not just the energy issues being faced by industrial and commercial establishments, but also the environmental problems due to continuous burning of fossil fuels for our energy needs.

Oizom: Gujarat

Oizom is an Environmental Solution Company that builds data-driven solutions for natural resources like Air, Water, Soil, Energy, etc. Through an ecosystem of products, Oizom Instruments aims to make the environment understandable and predictable it strives to create a sustainable living environment.

S4S Technologies: Mumbai

S4S Technologies is the food preservation company that invents new food processing machines. They sell these machines to farmers or use these machines at their own facility to produce the best quality processed food. S4S Technologies work with a range of partner organizations to create a sustainable supply of processed food products. Their technology includes a Solar Conduction Dryer, Haldi Tech, SmartDry, and Frost Dry.

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