Kaushalendra Kumar Jha


Kaushalendra Kumar Jha

Faculty area: Technical Forestry


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Short Bio

Name: Kaushalendra Kumar Jha
Designation: Professor
Date of Join: 03/10/2012
Faculty area: Technical Forestry
Nature of appointment: Deputation

Studied in various Universities of India, Europe and USA. Received FAO and European Commission Fellowships, Best Silviculturist Award and Brandis Prizes apart from JRF and SRF from UGC and CSIR.
MSc and M Phil in Botany,
PG Diploma in Forestry and Allied Subjects,
Ph D in Forestry,
Certificate in Forest Genetics and Tree Improvement,
Advance Diploma in French language,
European Masters in Sustainable Tropical Forestry.

Area of Interest
Sustainable Tropical Forestry: Environment and Ecology, Wetland biodiversity: Freshwater plants and avian fauna, Forest Ecology: Structure and Functioning, Silviculture: Tree Improvement, Agroforestry: Alley cropping and Home gardens.

Professional Experience
Has the experience of inter-cultural and multidisciplinary team working in the Tropical; Mediterranean; and Temperate Forests of Thailand, Costa Rica, Guyana; France; Copenhagen, Finland, and USA.

  • Worked as natural resource manager in Tropical Moist and Dry Deciduous Forests of UP (5 years).
  • Managed Research and Development activities as State Silviculturist, Sal Region, UP (4 years).
  • Held assignments of technical administration in UP Government (8 years).
  • Handled technical operations of Major and Minor Forest Produce at Supervision level (2years).
  • Operated at Policy level in the field of Wildlife Management especially wetland PAs (3years).

Books on Ecology and Agroforestry
Several research papers and popular articles in Journals and Magazines.
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