Manmohan Yadav


Manmohan Yadav

Faculty area: Marketing Management


Telephone Extension Number: 335



Short Bio

Name: Manmohan Yadav
Designation: Professor & Dean
Date of Join: 14/03/2001
Faculty area: Marketing Management
Nature of appointment: Regular

Dr Manmohan Yadav is a Professor in Marketing Management Area.

Dr Yadav holds a Ph.D. in International Marketing Management, M.B.A in Marketing Management, and graduation in Dairy Technology.

He has 25 years of academic and 9 years of Industry Experience.

His research interests include Marketing, Branding, Enterprise Development, and Value Chains of Natural Resources; Green Consumer Behaviour and Forest Certification; Corporate Environmental Proactivism & Natural-Resource-based View of Business.

Dr Yadav has undertaken many research and consulting assignments for the Government, Corporate, and International Organizations (FAO, ITTO).

Dr Yadav has conducted some three dozen MDPs for the policy makers, corporate managers, NRM professionals, academicians and scientists.


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