Trending Concept – Green Homes

Apparently, climate change is drastically impacting our lives. It is pushing the life-giving planet towards the edge of extinction. It is high time each of us takes appropriate action to preserve the planet for our children. Believe it or not, the real fight against climate change starts from one’s home – Charity begins at home!

The need is to be greater aware due to the fact in the given situation only sustainable is affordable because only consumers can drive the demand for green buildings.

Green building involves the practice of using environment-friendly and energy-efficient processes and technologies throughout the building’s lifecycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance and renovation.

Authorised organisations evaluate the environmental performance of a building holistically over its entire life cycle, based on quantitative and qualitative criteria, thereby providing a definitive standard for green buildings and sustainable habitats.” These measures seek to minimise resource consumption, waste generation and overall ecological or environmental impact of buildings and habitat.

Not just commoners but even celebrities are taking a lead in getting a green rating for their homes. Like former beauty queen and actor Gul Panag whose home at Mulshi near Pune can be very well called A GREEN HOME. Panag’s newly-built home has a rainwater harvesting system and solar panels to meet the daily water and power needs, and double glazed window that eliminate the need for air-conditioning inside the home.

Apparantly, Charity Does Begin At Home; Green Home