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Application process

There are three categories of candidates eligible for the C3F, viz. Young professionals, Sponsored Candidates and Others (working professions or Retired forest officials). Young professionals are the students who are graduates in forestry / horticulture or post-graduate in forestry. Sponsored candidates are the in-service professionals who have been deputed for this course by the sponsoring organizations by providing full course fee. Others include the working professionals and retired forest officials, who are self-funded.

For the young professionals, self-sponsored working professionals or retired foresters :
The admission process is fully online and candidates seeking admission for the C3F course at IIFM should submit the following:

  1. A completed application form (to be filled online)
  2. A written Statement of Purpose (SOP) in the applicant’s own words, highlighting your motivation to take this course, previous academic, professional and/or extracurricular preparation to take this course and career plans upon completion of this course. The essay should comprehensively establish (1) your preparation to undertake this intense course of study, (2) your understanding of the C3F curriculum, and (3) a good fit between the curriculum and your interests and career goals.
  3. Upload photograph and signature online in jpeg format
  4. Application fees of Rs 500/- to be paid online.

For the sponsored candidates:
Sponsoring letter from the sponsoring organization, receipt of course fees of Rs.1.60 lakhs followed by interaction.