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Name of the project Funding agency Major outcomes
Vulnerability Assessment & Reduction
Vulnerability and capacity assessment of tribal and non-tribal communities of Malwa region, MP IIFM, 2013
Framing of strategies for vulnerability reduction in tribal region
Dynamics of climate change vulnerability in Sikkim IIFM, 2015
Prioritisation of gram panchayats based on vulnerability assessment
Rural Energy Management
Assessment of energy status and opportunities for use of alternate energy sources in Forest Villages of Madhya Pradesh: Enabling a paradigm shift in Carbon Balance MP CDM Agency, Govt. of MP, 2015
Approach for implementing renewable energy technology in forest fringe villages
Forestry & Climate Change
Developing Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Sal and Teak Dominated Landscape of Central India MoEF&CC & UNDP
Impact of climate change on forests and its dominant species
Human Capacity Building Programmes on Approach for Effective Planning and Implementation of Climate Adaptation Strategies in Himalayan States DST, GoI, 2017-20
Training for effective implementation of adaptation strategies to climate change for North- Eastern states
Behavioural Adaptation with Climate Change in Himalayan Region DST, GoI, 2017-20
To enhance the coping capacities of communities towards climate change
Rural Adaptation Strategies
Developing Evaluation and Monitoring Framework for Enhancing Adaptive Capacity through Climate Smart Villages of Madhya Pradesh EPCO, GoMP
Developing an evaluation framework to increase climate change adaptation through smart villages