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Student Speak : A Day@ IIFM

A typical day at IIFM generally begins at eight-breakfast means a run to the mess, a hurried bite and a jog to class, which begins at eight thirty, Classes stretch through the day, almost up to four, but each lecture becomes a forum for intellectual stimulation, debate and deep thought.

But seven hours of lectures is just one part of the day. Most would agree that the day at IIFM begins at dusk. 60 students in a batch mean that most are involved in the working of at least one of the many societies. IIFM lays great emphasis on students’ responsibility, which essentially means that it is the students who run the mess, organise activities, ideate and implement whatever they think would enrich their learning experience.

Quiz sessions, open house debates and guest lectures are often part of our evenings. Dinner follows, and with it the realization of the next day’s work. For even as we explore our talents, academic rigourrigour is not compromised. The 230-acre serene campus is the perfect setting for quiet study.

The night is generally spent with groups preparing presentations, assignments and preparation for the next day’s classes. This of course is punctuated with sudden visions of the future and arguments on hotly debated issues! And sleep? At IIFM that’s just an indulgence it’s hard to find time for!

Alumni Speak Visit IIFM Alumni Website for more details. Alumni Speak Vikas Nath (PGDFM 94-96) vikas.nath@gmail.com
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http://www.DigitalGovernance.org http://www.digitalgovernance.org
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Inlaks Scholar (2000-1), London School of Economics, UK
Homepage: http://www.VikasNath.org
Current Address: 1005-160 Erskine Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada, M4P 1Z3

It is almost 15 years since I graduated from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, a fertile nursery for raising international development professionals. A unique institution it is, whose crop of graduates continues to climb up and branch out professionally, and does so by contributing back to the environment and the society.

The institute equips the students to develop a wider and longer-term perspective, which equips them to deal with the new and emerging development challenges, be it climate change, financial instability or energy crisis with relative ease.

I found the knowledge and skills gleaned from IIFM days useful in whichever role I had to perform, be it as a village worker with Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (Gujarat, India), as a Policy Analyst with UNDP Headquarters (New York) or as Head of Media and Communications with South Centre (Geneva).

The excellent information technology (IT) infrastructure at IIFM equipped me to use IT for development, allowing me to set up over 20 websites including DevNetJobs.org and DevNetJobsIndia.org , and networks such as DigitalGovernance.org which have provided technical expertise on ICT and e-governance to over 40 countries.

IIFM ties: Who's Who (India)
Jose PD (PFM 90)
Professor, IIM Bangalore
Amar Saxena (PFM 91)
AVP, HSBC, Bangalore
Varalakshmi (PFM 91)
Senior Social Development
Specialist World Bank India
Ajay Rai (PFM 92)
Executive Director
Earth Care Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Nikesh Sinha (PFM 93)
Vice President
UTI Bank Ltd.
Srinivasan R. (PFM 93)
Professor, IIM Bangalore
Ashish Mishra (PFM 95)
DGM, Grasim Industries Ltd.
Rajen Tanwar (PFM 98)
Vice President, RMSI Pvt. Ltd.
Rohit Magotra (PFM 2000)
Chief Operating,
ekagon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Sachin Dubey (PFM 2000)
Head Institutional Funding
Ashish Gautam (PFM 02)
Regional Managar
Indiabulls (Rajasthan)
Harpreet Bhinder (PFM 91)
Head Operations, Hewlett Packard
Ravi Kandpal (PFM 91)
Vice President, Deutsche Bank
Sameer Singh (PFM 01)
Environmental & Social Specialist for
South Asia International Finance Corporation,
The World Bank Group

Arun Mehrotra (PFM 90)
Head Product Development
Iffco Tokio General Insurance Co.Ltd.
Vineet Rai (PFM 94)
CEO, Intellecap Pvt. Ltd.

Manoj Dabas PFM
Founder Aravali Foundation

IIFM ties: Who's Who (Abroad)
Sarthak Kumar Pal (PFM 90)
Food Security & Livelihood Adviser
Oxfam GB in South Asia
Neel Mehta (PFM 91)
Manager, Bell Canada
Madhavan ADP (PFM 96)
Chief Technical Advisor
OXUSA fghanistan
Tanmay Chetan (PFM 97)
Chief Executive Officer
AMK (Concern Worldwide)
Sasidhar Tumuluri (PFM 99)
Investment Associate
Micro Vest Capital Management
Sunil Mallik (PFM 99)
Consultant, Enterprises Risk Services
Deloitte & Touche USA LLP
Sundar Singh (PFM 93)
Director - MIS
Brunswick General Hospital
Priank Pradeep (PFM 06)
Associate Manager
Olam International Ltd.
Kunal Mangal (PFM 98)
Texas A & M University, USA

Shikha Kalra (PFM 03)
MBA Student
Harvard Business School, USA
Rahul Kumar (PFM 03)
Duke University, USA
Sachin Kumar B (PFM 04)
Central European University, Hungary
Alark Saxena (PFM 03)
Yale University
Pranava Sharma (PFM 01)
Wharton Business School, USA
Pankaj Lal (PFM 04)
University of Florida, USA

Students Club

Sports A wide range of sporting facilities are available on campus. The Institute has good facilities for indoor and outdoor sports like Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Carrom, Football, Cricket and Volleyball. Intra-Institute sports Tournaments are organised regularly and the Institute participates every year in the All India Forest Sports and Games Meet organised by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India.

Cultural Activities

Kalpataru Kalpataru, the annual festival is a gala event, hosting various literary, cultural and sports activities. Not only does it provide students with an opportunity to hone their organisational skills, but also serves as a platform for them to interact with other members of the IIFM fraternity.

Students’ Council

A student council is elected at the start of the academic session. The council comprises of a number of activity clubs which conduct extra curricular activities throughout the year. The major activity clubs, include cultural club, literary club, nature club, sports club, adventure club, and movie club.

Sports Club

IIFMites believe in sweating it out, be it in the classroom or in the sports field. The Sports Club@IIFM organizes all the sports activities on campus. It ensures that students corroborate their mental strength with physical sturdiness. Sports activities include cricket, football, tennis, volleyball, table tennis and badminton.

Adventure Club

“Life is an adventure or nothing...” is the motto of our Adventure Club, which arranges activities like rappelling, rock-climbing, monkey-crawling and rope-walking. It equips the students with skills to handle mental, physical and emotional challenges.

Cultural Club

The Cultural Club believes in infusing the students’ vision into extra-curricular activities and thus creating a fusion of expressions. Cultural activities like singing competitions, fashion shows, antakshari, celebration of festivals etc. are organized right through the year, with every month projecting at least one dimension. The Club also showcases SPIC-MACAY activities in the campus, thus serving as an interface between IIFMites and other youth across the nation.

Literary Club

Literary Club provides a platform to students to hone skills which a manager is expected to have in an organization. From debates, group discussions and case studies to quizzes and treasure hunts, it is involved in all activities aimed at flexing the mental muscle. It brings out a vibrant newsletter SYNERGY@IIFM, which has thought-provoking articles by faculty members, alumni and students.

Movie Club

The Movie Club interlude serves as a welcome relief from the monotony of studies. New releases, classics and documentaries are screened every weekend, based on popular demand.

Nature Club

The principal aim of the Nature Club is to bring the student community closer to nature and to increase awareness of environment-related issues. Through its nature appreciation trips and treks, the Club attempts to inculcate in the students a feeling of being part of the whole, and thus claiming responsibility for one’s actions.

Alumni Relations

The alumni affirm their links with the Institute through the IIFM Alumni Cell and the IIFM Alumni Association. The Alumni cell holds an annual Convention; Groups meet regularly in all major cities of the country. IIFM brings out a newsletter called Synergy@iifm, which acts as a channel of communication between alumni and students. The alumni cell also runs an Internet list server which acts as a forum for frequent discussions on contemporary academic and professional issues.

Awards Instituted by IIFM

Director’s prize for the best student is an academic award given to the student with the best academic performance. Best all rounder award (one male & one female) is given to the student for overall achievement in academics, sports and extra curricular activities. These awards are given on the day of ‘Kalpataru’.