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PGDFM Summer Internship Brochure 2021-2023


IIFM Summer Internship 2021-23

Summer Internship

The concept of first hand learning makes Summer Internship an integral part of the PGDFM course. While classroom lectures, quizzes and assignments groom the students, the opportunity to have a first-hand industrial experience comes only through practical learning.

Thus, the Summer Internship (SI) Programme provides our students an opportunity to develop critical thinking, the ability to work in a team, excel in business and effective communication skills and above all, gives the students real-world experience in a sector of their choice. Some of the features that make the PGDFM SI Programme distinct are:

  • Its integration with the curriculum is regularly thought over and improved
  • Three terms and a long field exposure precede the SI Programme
  • Besides working on the subject of interest, students also learn organizational functioning
  • Experience sharing and improvement modules elicit desired results.

The PGDFM Summer Internship is a unique Programme that provides benefits to the students as well as to the host organizations. Some of these benefits are:

For Students

  • It is perceived as a lifetime chance to hone skills and showcase it for future.
  • It enhances ability to face situations with greater confidence and learn management techniques under the guidance of an able Reporting Officer
  • It helps a student to plan a career path based on this unique and real experience
  • The SI experience also acts as a feedback loop to the academic program and often leads to sharpening of courses, review of courses or even introduction of a new elective.
  • It acts as an incentive to perform better in regular courses.

For Host Organisations

  • Budding managers with an ever-alert mind are taught the latest techniques of addressing problems. Organizations find in them, personnel at par with most people from the market.
  • It provides a chance to gauge future employees and understand the younger generation- their dreams and their aspirations.
  • It provides them an opportunity to take up projects and work with minimal expense.
  • It provides an opportunity to organizations to contribute to the society by spending time and resources on the future generation

At the end of the SI Project, students submit a report to the host organization presenting their learnings and the findings of their project.

Contact Details

Dr. Sharadindu Pandey
Chairperson- Placement and Summer Internship
Email: spandey@iifm.ac.in
Mobile No. +91-9560076525