SN Name of the Project Sponsored by  Investigators
1. Hand stitched versus Machine Made: A case Study on the participation of the Lodhas of Paschim (Western) Medinipur in Community Forestry IIFM Dr. Debashish Debnath
2. Restoration of the Degraded Riparian Wastelands through Private Forestry along the Narmada River –A case on Ranga Plantation in Jabalpur IIFM Dr. Debashish Debnath
3. Strategic equilibrium by optimizing the network parameters: A case study on Skilling Madhya Pradesh minor forest produce sector and successive action agenda IIFM Dr. Sharadindu Pandey Dr. G. Ananda Vadivelu
4. Research Study on green accounting of forest resources, frame work for other natural resources, Index for sustainable environmental performance for Uttarakhand State & capacity building on environmental statistics and green accounting. Directorate of Economics Statistics,


Dr. Madhu Verma

Dr. Advait Edgaonkar

Mr. Swapan Mehra,

(Iora Ecological Solutions,

New Delhi)

5. Forest resource accounting & valuation of Economic Contribution of Forest and Protected areas in Rajasthan & Capacity building of forest personnel on forest resources valuation and accounting Rajasthan Forest department Dr. Madhu Verma

Dr.Advait Edgaonkar

6. Recommendations to the 15th Finance Commission of India for Enriching Current Tax Devolution Formula for Increased Allocation of Funds towards forest, Environment & Climate Chang, 2018-19 Ministry of Environment, Forest & climate Change, New Delhi Dr. Madhu Verma

Dr. Subhash Ashutosh,

Director General, Forest Survey of India, Dehradun

Mr. Swapan Mehra

(Iora Ecological Solutions, New Delhi)

7. International Papers (IP) sponsored externally funded project titled “Community Livelihood promotion through assessment of Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration potential in Agroforestry systems along altitude and aspects of western Himalaya, India with special reference to Combating Climate Change. IIFM-IP Paul Brown Centre of Excellence Dr. Arvind Bijalwan

Dr. Anup Upadhyay

8. “Comparative Analysis of Literacy and Education Status Between Tribals and Non Tribals and identification of issue and finding out solutions of low literacy rate among the Tribals in MP Tribal Research & Development Institute Bhopal Dr. Debashish Debnath

Dr. Manish Mishra

9. Biodiversity Management and livelihood generation of Tribals in Agriculture Forest Products in different ecosystem in MP Tribal Research & Development Institute Bhopal Dr. Debashish Debnath

Dr. Manish Mishra

10. Problems of low entrance among Schedule Tribe candidates in medical and engineering colleges: its causes and probable solutions Tribal Research & Development Institute Bhopal Dr. Manish Mishra

Dr. Debashish Debnath

11. Co-production of Sustainable Bamboo Management Solutions in Eastern Maharashtra


Maharashtra Forest Department, Nagpur Dr. Sandeep Tambe

Dr. Suprava Patnaik

Dr. Anup P. Upadhyay

Dr. Advait Edgaonkar

Dr. Jigyasa Bisaria

Dr. Rekha Singhal

12. Evaluation Study of the JICA assisted project on “Capacity Development for Forestry Management and Training of Personnel” Ministry of Environment & Forest & Climate Change Dr. Amitabh Pandey

Dr. B K  Upadhyay