S.No. Name of the Project Sponsored by Investigators
1 Study on Institutional Process and Cultural factors in utilisation and management of NTFP: A comparative study in Tribal areas in M.P. NAEB, MoEF, Govt. of India Debnath, D; Pandey, Amitabh
2 Monitoring and Evaluation of Afforestation efforts for area oriented fuel wood and fodder project in Ratlam Division (M.P.) using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques. NAEB, MoEF, Govt. of India Kotwal, P.C.; Omprakash, M.D.
3 Participation by Partnership: The key to progress. IIFM, Bhopal Krishna Kumar, K.N. and Bhattacharya, P.
4 Documentation of participatory Efforts of Forest Management in Mandla District; M.P. NAEB, MoEF. Govt. India Kumar, Niraj.
5 Developmental intervention and its impact on forest fringe villages”. Conducted field visits to Bhopal, Raisen, Sagar districts of M.P. “. IIFM, Bhopal Mishra, Manish; Singh,S.P; B R. Pukhan; H. P. Lungdhim Pao
6 Studies of regeneration potential and changes of some important plant species, their availability and flow of NTFP in the villages economy of Patalkot valley”. IIFM, Bhopal Mishra, Manish; Singh,S.P; B R. Pukhan; H. P. Lungdhim Pao.
7 Utilization pattern of medicinal plants among the Bhariyas of Patalkot and their Sustainability”. IIFM, Bhopal Mishra, Manish; Singh,S.P; B R. Pukhan; H. P. Lungdhim Pao.
8 Assessment of success and failures in the cultivation, processing and marketing of medicinal plants of Malwa region, central India. IIFM, Bhopal Mishra, Manish ; P.C.Kotwal.
9 JFM After A Decade: A Behavioral Analysis Of Foresters And Local People. IIFM, Bhopal Parul Rishi
10 Training Perceptions of forest officers a National Survey. IIFM, Bhopal Parul, Rishi; VLV Kameswari.
11 Urban Forestry a case study of Bhopal. IIFM, Bhopal Patnaik, S.
12 Comparative study on Ecological status of selected NTFP species (Chironji; Harra) in Mayurbhanj district in Orissa and Chhindwara district of M.P. NAEB, MoEF.Govt.of India Patnaik, S.
13 Standardizing Methodology for Sustainable Harvest of Some Important NTFPs in MP. IIFM, Bhopal Prasad, R; P.C. Kotwal; Manish Mishra
14 Studies of Regeneration Potential and Changes in Status of Some Important Plant Species, their Availability and Flow of NTFP in the Village Econmomy of Patalkot Valley. IIFM, Bhopal Prasad, R.; Manish Mishra;
Pukhan.B.R.; S.P.Singh,
Hemkho Pao
15 Utilization Pattern of Medicinal Plants among the Bharia of Patalkot and Their Sustainability. IIFM, Bhopal Prasad, R; Manish Mishra;
B.R Pukhan; S.P. Singh; Hemkho Pao.
16 Base study on the Evolution of Non timber based Woodcraft Industry at Budhani and Chittrakoot”. SRTT funded case study. IIFM, Bhopal Yadav, Manmohan and Manish Mishra
17 MCA for Compatibility of Conservation & Development for Mathar FPC. IIFM, Bhopal Yadav, P. P;
Madhu, Verma; Nishita Bakshi.

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