S.No. Name of the Project Sponsored by Investigators
1 Study on Endangered Species: Wild Buffalo Habitat in Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary. M P Council of Science and Technology, Bhopal Kotwal, P.C.; M.D., Omprakash.
2 Monitoring and evaluation of Afforestation efforts for area oriented fuel and fodder project scheme in Ratlam division (M.P.) using remote sensing and GIS techniques. NAEB, MoEF, Govt. of India. Kotwal, P.C;
M.D. Omprakash; B. Abraham.
3 Problems and prospects of Local Institutions Joint Forest Management for Forest Resource Management in India. IIFM, Bhopal Kumar, Vijay; P.K. Biswas
4 Standardizing methodologies for sustainable harvesting of Non timber forest products in Madhya Pradesh”. IIFM, Bhopal Mishra, Manish;
Ram, Prasad; P.C.Kotwal.
5 Criteria & Indicators for Teak Plantations Management in MP. CIFOR-KFRI Prasad, R; S. Raghavan
6 History of forestry and forest management in central India a socio-ecological study. IIFM, Bhopal Prasad, R; Jyotsana, Tiwari
7 Economic and behavioural Analysis of Protected Area Management: A case of Keoladeo National Park. IIFM, Bhopal Verma, Madhu and Parul Rishi.
8 Economic Valuation of Bhoj Wetland for Sustainable Use. World Bank Verma, Madhu
9 A case Study on Mathar FPC, Madhya Pradesh. IIFM, Bhopal Yadav, P.P.

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