S.No. Name of the Project Sponsored by Investigators Summary
1 Sustainable Livelihoods for the Lepers through Forest Resources: A case study in the Raigarh district in Chhaittisgarh IIFM Debnath, D. and Singh, S.P. Download
2 ocumentation/ Inventorization of Formal and Informal institutions with participation of different stakeholders in the implementation of JFM in Chhattisgarh. NAEB, MoEF, Govt. of India ( GoI) Debnath, D.,Singhal.R. &
Biswas, P.K.
3 S & T Application for Enhancement of Rural Livelihood: Community based Chambal Ravine+ Reclamation through Sustainable Management and Cultivation of Asparagus Science and Society Division, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi Bhattacharya, P. Download
4 Natural Resource Accounting for Land and Forestry Sectors excluding Mining in the States of Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh
Research Inputs: Yadav, A. and Rakshit, A.
Central Statical Organisation, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, GoI Verma, M., Vijaykumar,C.V.R.S.,
Phukan, B.R.
5 Measurement of Structural linkages (Social Capital) in the FDA villages in Madhya Pradesh. NAEB, MoEF, GoI Vijaykumar,C.V.R.S., Pandey, A. and Singh, R.K. Download
6 Study of CRAIN Energy Ltd Plantation Activities in district of Andhra Pradesh for Clean Development Mechanism CRAIN Energy Pandey, A. and Patnaik, S. Download
7 Role of JFMCs in Sustainable Fire and Fire Induced Disease Management: A Case Study of Betul District, M.P. NAEB, MoEF, GoI Singh, S.P., Mishra,M. Download
8 Video documentary on good work done by JFMC in Chhattisgarh especially on Non-timber forest product for livelihood and tribal development under NAP NAEB, MoEF, GoI Singhal, R. Download
9 A GIS based modeling approach for finding the suitable districts of Orissa for the potential forest based business or industry development considering vegetational, socio-economic and infrastructural factors NAEB, MoEF, GoI Gupta,H.S. and Rathore, C.S. Download
10 Study on Management of migrant livestock with respect to regeneration under NAP and other aspects of forest management NAEB, MoEF, GoI Gupta,H.S.,Pandey,A.,
VijayKumar,C.V.R.S and Phukan, B.R.
11 Opportunities for wildlife habitat connectivity between Kanha National Park and Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh Department of Information Technology & Biodiversity & Biotechnology, Govt. of M.P. Rathore, C.S., Dubey, Yogesh
and Shrivastav, A. (MPFD)
12 Madhya Pradesh Bird Vocalizations. Madhya Pradesh Biodiversity Board, Govt. of M. P. Rathore, C.S. and Singh, P. Download
13 Linking the poor to the Opportunity: Micro – Enterprise Development Potential for NTFPs Collectors under Forest Development Agency Project in Madhya Pradesh. NAEB, MoEF, GoI Dubey, P. Download
14 Building Capacity of the Village Level Institutions for Collaborative NRM in India (TF051704) Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) Grant Singh,R.K.,Sinha,V.K.,
Gupta,H.S.,VijayKumar.C.V.R.S., Pandey,A. & Phukan,B.R