Research Project 2012-13

Research Project 2012-13

IIFM Funded Research Projects

S.No. Name of the project Sponsored by Principal Investigator
1 The effects of climate variability on medicinal and aromatic plants and adaptive processes & mitigation strategies: A study in Satpura eco-region of MP. IIFM Dr. D. Debnath


2 Land use, biomass and carbon estimated in traditional agroforestry system along altitudinal gradient and aspects in the hill of Garhwal Himalaya India. IIFM Dr. Arviind Bijalwan


3 Understanding human-bear conflict and its mitigation in MP IIFM Dr. Ujjal  Sarma
4 Lifestyle attributional pattern and carbon foot printing: A behavioural Study IIFM Dr.B.K.Upadhyay
5 Field validation of developed draft set of standards set of standards for forest certification of selected NTFPs/medicinal plants in the states of MP, CG & UP IIFM Dr. M..Yadav

Dr. D. Dugaya

6 Documentation of traditional knowledge and coping strategies of costal tribal people of Maharashtra and Orissa to combat changing environment conditions. IIFM Dr .Manish Mishra,

Prof. P.A. Jadhav

Externally Funded Research Project

6 Analyzing Forest Carbon Accounts for Sustainable Policy Options with Special Reference to Livelihood Issues



New Delhi

Dr. R.B.Lal (PI)

Dr. Madhu Verma (Co-PI)

7 Estimating Economic Values and Analysis Institutional & Legal Frameworks for claiming REDD+ and Ecotourism Benefits for Protected Area- Ramsar wetlands: Exploration Through Loktak and Hokesar wetlands.


MoEF, GOI Dr. R.B. Lal (PI)

Dr. Madhu Verma


Dr. A. Edgaonkar (Co-PI)

8 Identifying the scope for enhancing the sustainability of assets created under MGNREGA Ministry of Rural Development New Delhi Dr. Bhaskar Sinha
9 The role of indigenous knowledge in effective forestry, biodiversity management and livelihood security in tribal communities in MP Indian Council of Social Science Research New Delhi Dr. D. Debnath
10 Forest Ecosystem Investment for climate mitigation and adaptation in India and rewarding co-benefits of forest carbon United States International Education Foundation Washington, DC,USA Dr. Madhu Verma
11 Socio economic impact assessment of joint forest management in western region Maharashtra Maharashtra Forest Department Dr. Ashish David,

Dr. CVRS Vijaya Kumar

Dr. H S Gupta

12 Carbon benefits analysis for forest Diversion UNDP-GRF-MoEF Dr. Madhu Verma
13 Review of national guidelines for JFM with a stronger focus on the conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants UNDP-GRF-MoEF Prof. A.K.Dharni

Prof. P.A.Jadhav

Prof. C.P.Kala

Prof. Yogesh Dubey

14 Climate change and community adaptation in tribal communities in Satpura eco-regions of MP ICSSR, New Delhi Dr. D. Debnath

Prof. A.K.Patil

Dr. Manish Mishra

15 Compilation for chapter for the document for operationalization of REDD+ in India MoEF Dr. Bhaskar Sinha


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