Research Project 2013-14

IIFM Funded Research Project 2013-14

S.No. Name of the project Sponsored by Principal Investigator
1 Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) of Tribal and Non Tribal Community in Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh (Phase I) IIFM Dr. Bhaskar Sinha

Externally Funded Research Project 2013-14

1 Guidelines on benefit sharing Mechanism and safeguarding biodiversity and rights of local communities for operationalization of REDD+ in India MoEF- GOI Dr. Bhaskar Sinha
 2 High conservation value forests: an instrument for effective forest fiscal federalism in India 14th Finance Commission India Dr. Madhu Verma
3 Study on preparation of cost benefit analysis norms for forest division MoEF Dr. Madhu Verma

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