Bal Krishna Upadhyay


Bal Krishna Upadhyay

Faculty Area: Human Resource Management


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Short Bio

Dr. Bal Krishna Upadhyay

Assistant Professor

Faulty Area: Human Resource Management

Academic Qualification: Dr. Bal Krishna Upadhyay is Post Graduate and Doctorate in Psychology from Barkatullah Vishwavidayalaya, Bhopal, MBA () PGD in Human Resource Development, and PGD in Guidance and Counselling and holds a degree in Management (MBA) with HRM specialization from Madurai Kamaraja University.


Specialisation and Area of Interest

His area of specialization is Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Environmental Psychology and his interest area is application of Psychological tools in organisation and community level, environmental Psychology, Issues in Climate Change, CSR, livelihood development and extension issues, Human- Environment Behavioural issues, Training and Development, Research Methods and Statistics, Applied Social Psychology.


Teaching/Research/Industrial Experience

 Dr. Upadhyay has more than 19 years of teaching, training, research and consultancy experience, while working in various academic, research, Development and training organisations. He has worked on several sponsored research studies independently and as Co-PI focusing on issues pertaining to individual Lifestyle, attribution pattern, and Carbon footprinting; happiness and wellbeing in Natural Resource Management, Willingness to communicate, Apprehension and Leadership in forestry and environment setup; TNA and curriculum development for stakeholders of forestry sector; women empowerment and HRP, etc. Dr. Upadhyay is also a trained Trainer for Trainers and has successfully participated in the Professional Development Workshops on Evaluation Methods from Claremont Evaluation Centre, Claremont Graduate School, USA. In addition, he has attended Training programme on CSR, EI & team Building, etc. and has experience of evaluating the National level Projects like JICA for MoEF&CC, Govt. of India, etc. Dr. Upadhyay has coordinated and imparted more than 20 capacity building & training programmes as Programme Director/Co- programme Director.

Dr. Upadhyay has published more than 30 research and critical papers in established international & national journals and books (as chapter). He also has a book co-authored in his name. He has participated and presented papers, chaired sessions in more than 30 national and international conferences and seminars, both in India and abroad.

Other than academic, research, and training experience, Dr. Upadhyay has also held various administrative positions like Chairperson FPAC, Chairperson- Research Advisory Cell, Consultancy Cell and Chairperson- Admissions (M.Phil. & FPM) at IIFM; Chairperson – Administration; and Director in Charge CHILDLINE (Nodal Organisation Bhopal) to name few and is the member of Centre of Excellence in CSR at IIFM.


Thesis Supervision

 He has supervised PhD/Fellow Programme in Management students in the field of Transportation & Commuting, Employability factors in India; Stress and Job satisfaction; Application of indigenous knowledge in premise of contemporary management; HRM practices and their impacts; Quality of work life, etc.  He has also guided several M.Phil. and PG thesis with different topics pertaining to evaluation of Social development programmes, social practices, gender issues, policy impact, happiness etc.


Awards & Memberships

 Dr. Upadhyay is one of the recipient of Witkin- Okonji Award in 2008 at Bremen, Germany apart from holding the first university position in M.Phil. (1998).

Dr. B K Upadhyay is a member elect of the American Psychological Association (APA), USA since the year 2021.


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