Amitabh Pandey


Amitabh Pandey

Faculty Area: Sociology and Community Development


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Dr. Amitabh Pande


Faculty area: Sociology and Community Development


Chairperson, Faculty of Sociology and Community Development, Indian Institute of Forest Management, (IIFM) Bhopal. He is Chairperson, International Centre of Community Forestry (ICCF). Presently, he is a member of the Madhya Pradesh Wetland Authority of the Government of Madhya Pradesh. In the role of anthropologist, he is also a member of the of Madhya Pradesh State Action Plan on Climate Change II (SAPCC II) committee.

Dr Amitabh had his education from the University of Hyderabad (Anthropology) and the University of Allahabad (Physics). His doctoral work was on the Study of Sacred Groves using the anthropological approach. He is Environment Anthropologist, with a focused area of research in Environment Anthropology, Collective action in NRM, Public Policy Analysis, Biodiversity Conservation, Management of Common Property Resources (CPR), Good Governance and Negotiation.

For the past 27 years, he has been an active Researcher, Consultant, and trainer. He has done 24 research project and 20 Consultancy projects, funded by a number of an international organisation like World Bank, GIZ, UNDP, UNICEF, JICA, WRI, JSDF, European Union, ICSSR, DST, MOEFCC, MOTA, etc. and for state government organisations and PSUs in India. He was a member of the committee that drafted a national policy on Public-Private partnership in forestry in India in 2006 and he was also a member of the team that drafted National Forest Policy 2018, which in process of approval with the government of India.

He trained senior officers of the Royal Bhutan government on evidence-based policy-making, the project was funded by European Union for Bhutan Government. He has trained forest officers of the Bangladesh government on the topic of collaborative forest management in India in 2019-20. He has conducted more than 100 trainings for international, national and state organisation. The list includes IFS officers, Tribal commissioners, central Government Scientists, state government officers etc.

His recent publication is “Corporate Biodiversity Management for Sustainable Growth: Assessment of Policies and Action Plans edited book published by Springer Nature. Besides this, he has more than 30 publications in journals, book chapters and reports and four more books to his credit.

Dr Amitabh is a member of the professional forum of the International Association of Common Property Resources, a Member of the Rainwater-Catchment-Society-India and Natural Resources stakeholder forum for conflict resolutions. He also had a long sports career and he was University Badminton Champion from 1988-92 and had led Hyderabad University Badminton and Cricket team in the All India Inter-University Games. He loves horse riding and mountaineering.

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